We Won’t Be Having That March 21 GOP Debate After All

More puppeteering.

The Fox News GOP debate in Salt Lake City, scheduled for March 21, has been cancelled.

Why? It started with the candidate who has received $1,898,000,000 worth of free media deciding he wasn’t feeling it. What he actually said, during an appearance on Fox & Friends:

“Nobody told me about debates. Nobody told me … I thought the last debate on CNN was the last debate,” Trump said, explaining that he had committed to give a “major speech” and could not attend even if he wanted to. “I was very surprised when I heard that Fox called for a debate. Nobody told me about it. I won’t be there.”

Who are these people who should have told Trump about the debate but didn’t? The debate that has been on the RNC schedule since Feb. 20? For which Fox was announced as a host only just Monday? Clearly the “nobody told me” line is a bit of minor dissembling in a long line of lies of greater importance, but we digress.

The debate would have gone on with John Kasich and Ted Cruz, but Kasich dropped out after Donald Trump‘s announcement, apparently deciding he didn’t want to participate in a two-person debate without Trump in which all the attention would be on Cruz and him.