We Paid $25,000 For Britney Spears?

E! Online’s The Answer Bitch (aka Leslie Gornstein) has the breakdown:

* a dozen LAPD motorcycles and squad cars
* one helicopter
* a special mental health unit
* and the ambulance

The estimated cost: $25,000, according to the L.A. Times. But the police tell the Answer Bitch that that money was well spent:

The last time Britney had to go to the hospital — on Jan. 3 — the scene got pretty nuts.

One photographer even attempted to jump on top of Spears’ ambulance, Aguirre tells me. “At that point we were out-resourced,” Aguirre explains, and the police didn’t want that to happen again.

She may have a point: After Britney’s first hospital haul on Jan. 3, another city government source tells me, police and city hall types were abuzz that the paparazzi had endangered the operation.

Maybe. But considering, we’ve never even coughed up the $20 for one of her albums, we still feel like we want our money back. Or at least some store credit at Amoeba.

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