We Media 2006: Developing Trust

UPDATE: Important clarification on how the “trust” question was asked, after “continued,” below.

Well, one blogger who’s not here but is watching online says his “head is spinning with the full weight of the vacuous American bullshit.” Well, we don’t necessarily agree.

But we also don’t necessarily think an entire session on “trust” was worth the time. Do you “trust” this blog? Gawker? PaidContent? NYTimes.com? NBC Nightly News? Your husband or wife? And what if 10,000 people are asked these questions? What do the aggregate answers mean?

Nevertheless, some interesting conclusions from a Reuters, BBC, MediaCenter survey.

Basically, people in the developing world trust media more than government, but the equation’s reversed in developed countries. Especially if you’re in Nigeria (88 percent trust media vs. 34 percent trust government) vs. Egypt (74 percent vs. 34 percent). By contrast, in the USA media gets 59 percent, government 67. In the U.K is 47 to 51.

By “medium,” TV gets 82 percent trust, papers 75, friends 62, and blogs 25 percent. Never knew friends were a medium, and we all know what blogs are worth.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine points out the question was “trust’ alone, but rather trust to do what’s best for society. See question 1t here.

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