We Media 2006: Almost Live From London

Strictly speaking, the media we’re covering isn’t New York in the same way it was last year. But the We Media conference run by the DC-area Media Center invited us to join them in London, and who were we to say “no?’ Last year, we learned a lot about what’s going on in the “collaborative media space,” which sounds all unspecific but means a lot when you consider the zillions of dollars and people gravitating to things like MySpace, Flickr, Digg and all kinds of Yahoo-y and Google-y applications, and even The New York Times online is giving folks the ability to clip and share and communicate through their site.

There will be some New York media luminaries — at least people we consider luminous — at the conference, including uber-blogger Jeff Jarvis, consultant Merrill Brown (formerly Seattle-based founding executive producer of MSNBC.com, now man of a million projects) and Dean Wright, who heads Reuters’ digital ops in the US. (We’re not sure how we feel about sometime New Yorker Richard Dreyfuss, the actor, going on stage here. We’ll let you know when we hear what he has to say.)

So log in for the next couple days and we’ll tell you what we find. We warn the faint of heart that sometimes it’ll be a bit wonky, and we reserve the right to get a bit monetary or mathematical when we’re trying to make a point. We’ll also try to scare up some newsy bits and maybe even a little gossip. (We did learn more last year from hanging out in the halls than in most of the sessions.) We’ll slug the posts with ‘We Media” and tag them with the Technorati tag for the conf. That way you’ll be able to find, or ignore, the posts as we give as much of the goings-on as we think is interesting. We’ll also give pix of the people and spaces we find. And there’s also a mediabistro All Media party Wednesday in London, which gives us another good excuse to be here.


Let’s try this Technorati tag for: We Media.

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