We Like You, Too. Amy Sedaris Charms Beverly Hills

ilikeyou.jpgReferring to Martha Stewart as a “he,” as in, “He and I really have different energies,” Amy Sedaris charmed the pants off the standing-room-only crowd at Dutton’s Beverly Hills Books yesterday.

Sedaris was promoting her book, “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence,” an actual recipe book, with honest-to-goodness recipes (though we started questioning the “goodness” part long before we got to the “Meat Loaf Wreath.”) It’s also incredibly funny and features an inordinant number of uses for pantyhose.

Before signing books (and speaking with each and every one of the people who came to see her), Sedaris pontificated on everything from after-party clean up (“Do it the night of the party”), her Manolo Blahniks (purchased with money she got for doing Letterman’s show), and whether she and her brother, David, would ever do a speaking tour together (“No”).

Only one annoying theater-type asked her about “the craft” of comedy — saying he was a Groundling who had trouble getting others to sign off to characters that, like Sedaris’s Jerry Blank, are “self-centered and unlikeable.” Sedaris answered that the trick is to make the characters really like themselves. Then she said something about how she always rooted for the underdog, but we think she was just being polite and trying not to say “Your characters probably suck, and you probably do, too.”

But maybe not. Maybe she’s nicer and less judgemental than we are. After all, how snooty can a woman who signs our book “Pee on me,” really be?