We Find New Mexico’s Flag Interesting and So Should You

As part of our commitment to you, trying to bring you the most interesting stories from around the world, we do such innovative things as subscribing to news feeds! It’s that kind of dedication that brings this high-class reporting straight from our keyboard-hitting-fingers to your squinting-overly-tired-eyeballs. And sometimes we even manage to make it through all of these feeds and alerts, past the seven billion daily new product press releases and the technical gibberish we don’t understand, and find something really quirky and interesting. Today is that day, dear readers, as we happened upon this article from the newspaper, The Free New Mexican, all about the history of the New Mexico flag. Flags, yes, are inherently cool, and they always seem to have a really interesting backstory. Yet how often do you find yourself looking up info about flags? That’s right, never. So here’s a very thorough look at where one of them came from. Oh, and you think these “re-design our website and win $342!” contests are bad, here’s the scoop on how much NM’s flag design went for:

In 1923, the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, backed by several women’s clubs, sponsored a contest and offered a $25 prize for the best flag design. The winning entry was submitted by Santa Fe physician Dr. Harry P. Mera, who had first come to the area for his health.