We Are Designers, Here Are Our Mysterious Ways


After a very long day of production work, when you’re about to drop from exhaustion, and all you have to do is get home to a nice, hot meal and a cold shower, what’s the worst thing that could happen to you? That’s right, spiders in your car. And that’s what happened to this writer last night. A batch of the buggers. So we’re going to give you the fun piece we read last night, by way of Andy Rutledge, that took his mind off thinking about, well, the potential of there being thousands of spiders now living in his car. It’s a piece by Adaptive Path’s Dan Saffer, entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know About Designers.” Here’s one part:

Trained to be anal Designers, especially if they went to design school (horrors!), have been trained to be anal retentive. If pixels are out of place, if fonts aren’t right, hell, if spacing between letters is off, someone, somewhere (an art director, another designer, a professor) has torn us a new one over it. And, like an abused child becoming an abusive parent, we often repeat the same cycle. We’re more than happy to rip you a new one if something about our design isn’t as perfect as we pictured it.