Wax to India, McCrummen to Nairobi

The Washington Post issued this announcement today:

    We’re pleased to announce that Metro’s Stephanie McCrummen will become our new Nairobi bureau chief, succeeding Emily Wax, who is headed to India.

    Stephanie has left a strong mark in our pages covering life in suburbia and exurbia. Her pieces have opened our eyes to people who live beyond the city, but are very much a part of our region. As she put it, “Over the years, such areas have been called exurbs and disurbs, edge counties and edgeless cities, exopoli, outtowns, penturbias, rururbias, slurbs and, curiously, net of mixed beads.” All of them have been fascinating.

    We’re excited that Stephanie will take her formidable reporting and writing skills to Africa. We’re confident she’ll continue our push toward more thematic and transnational coverage of the continent.

    Stephanie came to The Post in December, 2004, and before that she was a reporter at Newsday, where she covered government, development, and Long Island and its people. She graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1998 and from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1992. She also spent a while waiting tables, working as a secretary at the World Bank, as an intern for Pacifica Radio, and as a community organizer in the neighborhoods of Washington. She hails from Birmingham, Alabama.

    We expect Stephanie to take up her new posting in September.