Watching them watch us

It was one of those Sundays which finds the NYT is positively LA-obsessed. In the Magazine, Lynn Hirschberg penned an adoring Les Moonves profile. Tunrs out he’s really, really smart! And then in Styles, there’s a piece about people who rent horses in LA, another piece about Xenii, a company which throws ersatz-VIP parties you have to pay a membership fee to go to, unless you, like, know someone and/or are, like, hot. And then, ‘A Night Out’ goes out with Jill Soloway.

Oh, and today, the LAT‘s J.R. Moehringer, whose new memoir ‘The Tender Bar’ is, in all seriousness, on the FishbowlLA night-table, gets profiled. Whew! In sum, Los Angeles is a city of avuncular network presidents, expensively-kept horses, lame parties you have to pay to go to, and personal-memoir writers. What a town!