Washingtonian Finds WaPo’s Brauchli Uninspiring

Washingtonian‘s biting media writer Harry Jaffe didn’t just take a stab at WaPo‘s Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli in Thursday’s final Post Watch column, he scooped a sizable chunk of bone out of Washington’s hometown newspaper.

The whopper is that Washingtonian is killing Jaffe’s Post Watch column in its current form because the writer says the topic matter — The Washington Post — is no longer interesting enough to sustain the feature. The column is morphing into a more expansive feature with a “wider scope” called Media Players.

In a word: Ouch.

The bulk of Jaffe’s final column is devoted to taking a scalpel to Brauchli. Among other insults, including a bold headline that says “Brauchli is Sinking the Washington Post,” Jaffe has reporters saying he has “sapped newsroom vitality.”

No WaPo reporters speak on record for this story — it’s no wonder as the quotes would certainly get them all shit-canned. Which, by the way, is what Jaffe thinks ought to happen to Brauchli. He concludes, “What needs explanation is why he is still in charge.”

We’ve put in a request for comment from WaPo PR.

UPDATE: Publicist Kris Coratti wrote to FishbowlDC: “Harry is entitled to his opinion, but it isn’t one that we share.”

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