Washington Post Panics Over Not Having Run a Story About Apple for More Than a Day


We like Apple products just as much as the next editors of a design blog, but this is to be filled in the “What’s the point?” folder. The Washington Post had up this story yesterday, “Apple Retains Its Touch for Design,” which we figured, yeah, was about the iPhone, but would go somewhere from there. But strangely not. A synopsis of the story would read like this: “Yep. Apple’s pretty good at designing stuff.” It almost reads as an ad even, with there being no real information that needed reporting on. Or was it something like the Paris Hilton syndrome, where a design or tech section felt naked for one day if they didn’t include at least something about the iPhone or Apple in general? We’re not picking on the Washington Post here, because we love it and we have friends who work there, we’re just confused is all. Maybe it was just some little add-on to a larger story that, for some reason, some editor decided needed publishing?