Washington Monthly Web Editor Unleashes Torrent of Profanity on Supposed Hacker

Over the weekend Washington Monthly Web Editor Ryan Cooper came a little unglued (this is putting it mildly) when he discovered late Saturday night that the magazine had been compromised. Or at least that’s what he thought.

He continued by trying to calm himself. “Deep breath,” he wrote. By 10:34 p.m. he appeared to calm down slightly and followed up with this philosophical declaration.

When asked to explain what happened, Cooper wrote FBDC Monday, “Those tweets were a bit of irritated hyperbole. At the time I was having trouble accessing our CMS to fix an image problem and I was merely venting some spleen. I’m sure you’re familiar of the innate tendency of CMS’s to crash when you’ve got a particularly glaring formatting mistake on a page. (A few minutes later the problem cleared up and I fixed the error.) But in truth, we have no evidence that was an actual hack rather than just a normal technical problem. We have recently upgraded our comments system, which might have something to do with it.”

We also requested comment from Editor-in-Chief Paul Glastris through what is hopefully the publication’s secure generalized email system. But just in case all else fails, we also tried Glastris’ office phone. We wonder if Cooper meant to write that his workplace website is “carelessly or loosely constructed” as “ramshackle” as defined by Merriam-Webster Online. Free Online Dictionary goes further, saying ramshackle means that  “disintegration is likely.”