Warren Buffett Is About To Blow Your Mind | Dina Lohan Knows Oral | Unrelated: The AP Has A 65 Year Old Regret

Time: Warren Buffett is playing former Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose in a video for Geico. Hopefully this means we can wait about 47 more years before he decides to do an impression of Chinese Democracy-era Axl.

AgencySpy: Dina Lohan is unveiling an eco-friendly toothbrush. Please do not inquire as to where it’s been.

Romenesko: The AP corrected a caption on a photo first published 65 years ago. Because they knew that was bugging you.

eBookNewser: Here’s a free eBook about anarchy! This, coupled with author G.K. Chesterson’s bitchin’ hairdo, shows that there was such a thing as pre-punk punk in London.