Warner Bros. Beta Tests ‘Flixster Collections’

For the past two years, a large team of Warner Bros. executives has been trying to crack the nut of online movie purchasing. Now, per LA Times entertainment business reporter Ben Fritz, the studio is finally rolling out the results.

As an outgrowth of the studio’s purchase of Flixster.com, Warner Bros. is beta testing a “Collections” app that will allow consumers to organize their online movie libraries and share walls of poster illustrations on Facebook. The new tool can also be connected to iTunes, Netflix, or Amazon, and is the first of several such apps the studio has in the pipeline:

Warner sells more DVDs than any other studio with 21% of the market so far this year, meaning it would be the largest beneficiary of any overall industry growth.

But consumers thus far have not been too interested in buying movies online, with most of the digital momentum focused on rentals, which are less profitable for studios.

The studio also intends to integrate Flixster Collections with Ultraviolet, a digital movie warehousing “cloud” initiative backed by Warner Bros. and four of the five other Hollywood majors.