WaPo’s ‘Fast Fix’ Hits 100 Episodes

On Monday, WaPo‘s “Fast Fix” video series, which it produces in conjunction with Yahoo, will reach 100 episodes.

The idea was to put the feature through a tryout period from Labor Day through November 2010 and then see. “For me it was a logical extension of what I have been doing for the last 5 years with the Fix,” said The Fix’s Chris Cillizza. “Trying to bring politics to people in an appealing, interesting and thoughtful way. This is just another way to do just that.”

And they’ve seen success. Last week, for instance, the video on Sec. of State Hillary Clinton generated 1.4 million streams and 2.5 million clicks on Yahoo. It’s the largest clicker ever for the series, though others have tipped over 1 million. February marks the highest month in streams since it began. Watch the Clinton video here.

Cillizza connected to Yahoo through a friend who eventually pointed him to Erik Rydholm, Executive Producer of Fast Fix as well as ESPN’s  “Pardon the Interruption” and “Around the Horn.”

Videos are — as the name promises — quick. Each is an approximate one minute and 42 seconds. Cillizza isn’t offering hints on Monday’s 100th episode. In case you have any thoughts on it, he says he’s putting it together tomorrow.