WaPo’s Ahrens to Hyundai Global PR

Longtime WaPo business writer Frank Ahrens has bid adieu to the Post to follow his wife to South Korea where he will head up Hyundai Motor Co.’s global PR as Director of Worldwide Corporate Affairs. Memo announcing his departure below:

“We are sad to announce that Frank Ahrens is leaving sooner, rather than later, as he accompanies his wife, Rebekah Davis, on her State Department assignment in South Korea. Frank will finally assume his rightful place as a captain of industry, having accepted a position in Seoul as Director/Worldwide Corporate Affairs in Global P.R. for Hyundai Motor Co., coordinating the automaker’s global public relations strategy.

After 18 years at the Post, Frank’s last day is today. He has done layout in Sports, mastered the 85-inch William Shatner profile in Style and reinvented himself as a Brooks Brothers-wearing financial blogger in Business. At every stage Frank has charged forward with bravado, exuding a deep commitment to both capital-J Journalism and, more specifically, to The Washington Post as an institution and professional family.

We hope his legions of admirers will join us for the caking at 4:30 back in Financial. We will, needless to say, miss him greatly.