WaPo & Obama Sitting In a Tree?

Richard Benedetto sure thinks so. Benedetto, a former USA Today White House correspondent and columnist, says “after four months of steady dating, WaPo is still swooning over Barack Obama and anything attached to him.”

Now a journalism and politics professor at American and Georgetown Universities, Benedetto hasn’t abandoned his craft. On his blog, News Not Spin, Benedetto highlights the love affair between WaPo and the President; claiming the Post almost welcomes the WH manipulation:

“On May 4, the paper ran an AP photo of Barack and Michelle Obama strolling hand in hand on the South Lawn after a so-called “date-night” dinner at a fancy Georgetown restaurant. The photo looks like they were “caught” by the camera in a very intimate moment. The fact is that no press photographers have access to the South Lawn unless the White House press office, with Secret Service permission, escorts them out. So much for intimacy”.

Whether you agree or disagree with Benedetto, his overview of the WaPobama love affair is interesting and his blog is worth a read. Check it out here.