WaPo Date Lab: Hashtag #Unpredictable

This week’s WaPo Date Lab gave all indications that the date was going swell. The would-be couple shared favorable first impressions – Annie was “beautiful” and Andy was “tall, blond and handsome” – and each gave their date a 4.5 on the 5-point scale. She’s a political fundraiser. He works for Media Matters, which he says either gets him a drink thrown in his face or a pat on his back.”I hate to be so D.C. about it,” said Andy Newbold, 23, “but I had to know.” This would be her job. He had to know where she worked before the date could comfortably proceed.

They got drunk on tequila and beer, sighed with relief over both being Democrats, closed down the bar and kissed. We just knew kissing was her forte — why? — because she told us. In the “Brag a Little” section she replied, “And as long as we’re bragging, I’m a GREAT kisser.” But not so fast. Does Andy even remember the smooch(es)? “She got the cab and I think she went in for [another] kiss there out on the street.” He thinks? He also had this stellar line not to be missed: “We were flirting quite heavily — getting a little physical, I guess.” He guesses?

Worst line of the piece…“She asked me [to friend her] on Facebook last night, so I hope she [follows] me on twitter. I’m trying to get more followers.” (Because there’s nothing sexier than a guy on Twitter who wants more followers. At the moment he has 280. A sample of a recent riveting tweet: “Please God someone say something stupid on Fox!! #ihatemycoworkers.”)

Second worst line…When asked what they do first thing in the morning, Andy replied that first he brushes his teeth (thank God) and then he watches GMA. “I love George. He’s my hero.” We’re glad they’re on a first-name basis.

Both expressed wanting to see each other again. Annie: “We clicked so much — we will definitely go out again. Andy: “I do think we quite possibility may go out in the future.”

Then poof! Nothing. Were they both drunk when they assessed the evening? The ominous update: “Annie responded to Andy’s text, but says he is not someone she would pursue romantically. They have not been in touch since then.”

We reached out to Newbold on his post Date Lab feelings. Is he glad he did it? “Date Lab was a lot of fun– no regrets there– just wasn’t my type,” he wrote FBDC over Twitter Direct Message this morning. “I made the situation fun anyway however.. free drinks and food.” Not his type? What about the 4.5, the kiss(es) and expressed desire to see her again? “No. It was not surprising at all. I was really just having fun with the whole thing. I never had plans to contact her after that.” He added, “I am not in the business of hurting someones feelings, so I just had fun with it. Probably had a few too much to drink as well haha.” He explained further, saying he never texted her back after the first time. “I never texted/called her after. I think she got bitter [because] she suddenly didn’t want anything to do w/ me in the update.” Weirdly, this is turning into a not-quite fairytale ending: “She was nice though– funny twist– as of yesterday she is in a relationship on Facebook with a somewhat friend of mine in DC. Very random.”

More to come…Next week the magazine takes the staple feature for a five-year stroll down memory lane. Where are they now? Who survived Date Lab? “A look back at our blind-date highs and lows.”