WaPo Adds Three Bloggers to Ezzy’s Beat

Come and knock on Ezzy’s door!  Ezra Klein, Fishbowl’s favorite liberal blogger is getting some roomies in the form of three new WaPo Financial bloggers: Suzy Khimm, Sarah Kliff and Brad Plumer.

Khimm joins WaPo from Mother Jones, where she covered Congress, politics and domestic policy. Previously a staff member at The New Republic, she has also contributed to the Economist, Newsweek, Slate, Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal Asia, the Christian Science Monitor and Los Angeles Times.

Kliff is leaving Politico to shack up with Ezzy and friends.  At Politico she covered how federal regulation, Congress and lobbying affect the implementation of health care reform.  She also was an author of Politico Pulse, a daily health policy briefing. Prior to Politico, Sarah was a staff writer at Newsweek, reporting on issues at the intersection of health policy and politics.

And last but not least is Brad Plumer, previously an associate editor at The New Republic, where he reported on the environment and energy issues and wrote TNR’s green blog, The Vine, for three years. Before that, he was an assistant Web editor at Mother Jones.

Only time will tell if four’s really a crowd.  Until then, congrats to Suzy, Sarah and Brad.  They begin later this month.

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