Wanting Katie Couric’s Old Job So Badly He Can Taste It

To celebrate MSNBC’s 10 year anniversary, Hardball traveled yesterday to…

New York?

Methinks there is a word for that…

Regardless, mad props to Chris Matthews for yet again braving the heat and humidity and giving us no shirt stains to work with. Very impressive indeed.

>UPDATE: This week’s guest contributing blogger for FishbowlDC noticed something else from last night’s shows:

    Hardball went all the way to the Big Apple for MSNBC’s tenth birthday so that Chris Matthews could be loud live from Rockefeller Plaza. But one of his top guests last night Brian Williams couldn’t even be in the same NYC location as Matthews. Instead, Williams was shown via live feed from the “top of the rock” (the “penthouse” of Rockefeller Plaza), so that NBC could have a nice shot of the Empire State Building behind his shoulder. The logistics seemed totally odd. Next time, put those two gents in the same frame. We wanna see some hardball.