Wanted: Top-Notch Managing Editor for ARTnews

In a word, this opportunity is huge. ARTnews is looking for a managing editor to oversee the production of the monthly title, which, as you know, means being part of the most widely circulated art magazine in the world. Yeah, like we said, huge.

Your average day will consist of setting deadlines and tracking the flow of all copy, art and layouts, while coordinating the photo editor, art director and editors for a timely close. Of course, you’ll also be editing articles and signing off on final pages, but website updates will be on your plate, too. The editorial calendar will be a collaborative effort between you, the editors and the publisher, but none of this should come as a surprise to the ideal candidate.

At least 10 years of editorial experience, plus knowledge of art history and the contemporary art world are must-haves. Quark should be your best friend, and meticulous creative minds are most welcome. Interested? Apply here.

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