Want to be Happier? Delete These 5 Things From Your Routine

Want to be happier at work?

This piece on EliteDaily caught our eye especially as it relates to rocking out your own career. Here are our favorite top five things happy people don’t do so let’s make a pact to remove them from our daily routines, okay?

1. Gossip. This one’s self-explanatory but in the piece Ashley Fern writes, “If you are happy and content with your life, why do you even care what is going on in someone else’s? There is no reason to engage in this petty behavior — all it does is make you look pathetic and jealous.” 

2. Think negatively. Happy people tend to look at the glass as half full and focus on the good. Moving on…

3. Act jealous. Similar to the gossip factor, happy people are content with their lives so they don’t need to compare themselves to others. This is what we really love about the non-jealousy quotient: Happy people are genuinely joyful for someone else’s success.

4. Seek validation from others. Fern writes, “Happy people do not look to others to confirm their self-worth. They recognize their value on their own and don’t live up to anyone’s expectations.”

5.  Live in the past. Here’s the thing — the past is the past for a reason. It’s over. Finished. Done. Happy people tend to move forward and “make peace with their past and focus on the future.”