Former Disney Assistant Channels Frustrations Into Stage Play

Mention the words “The Laughing Cow” and most people think of a cartwheel of tasty, mid-priced soft cheese. But presently, at least through May 20, this is also the name of a play being performed at the Meta Theatre on Melrose.

Hollywood Patch guest editor James F. Mills caught up with the work’s author, Jessica Abrams. Formerly an assistant on the Disney lot, she sourced her experiences at the Mouse House for a comedy set at fictional Gurnsey Studios, where a gay attorney gets in trouble for writing a pamphlet:

“I first got the idea when working at Disney,” said Abrams, a New York City native who was raised in Chapel Hill, NC. “I was walking back to my car and this idea came to me. I felt like it was a way to express a lot of the frustration I had working there and the weirdness all around.”

Ah yes, the Disney lot. Once upon a time, this reporter temped in the publicity and TV contracts departments, car-pooling in a loud VW bug with Craig Gerber, a then-aspiring screenwriter who would go on to sell a script for low six figures. Maybe we should write a play.

For more information on The Laughing Cow and-or to purchase tickets, click here.