‘Yoga Dude’ Neal Pollack Takes a Los Angeles Noir Detour

Author Neal Pollack guided Wall Street Journal readers on a tour of L.A. noir landmarks this weekend. Crowned by an atmospheric night shot of Hollywood, the travel section article dares prospective visitors to consider strolling along the L.A. River or renting a $400-a-day classic ride from Cinema Vehicles.

Pollack is a down-and-out candidate in freelance name only. His latest book, Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, recounts his journey through the “bizarre and pretentious world of yoga culture.” A noir yoga thriller, now there’s a possibility. Perhaps written over a cup of Randy’s coffee?

Cons and cops have been dipping glaze in java amicably at the city’s doughnut joints since the ’40s. But as you leave L.A., why not stop at the mother of them all: Randy’s (805 W. Manchester Blvd.), out there in Inglewood, near the LAX turn-off, since 1953? The drive-up’s now-iconic plaster doughnut sign – most recently close-upped in Iron Man 2 – makes an apt metaphor for all of L.A.: one big, but delicious, hole.

The only thing better at the tail end of an Los Angeles noir visit would be catching sight of a TMZ scrum at LAX with actor Harry Dean Stanton, whose 20-seat namesake room at The Mint also gets a Pollack mention.