Walker, Webcast Arranger


Randomly ran into the site for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, which, sadly, this writer didn’t make it to the last time he was visiting. Found The Walker Channel, which is an amazing, though early, collection of webcasts of the guests they’ve had at the Center. And they’re the complete programs, not just tiny snippets. So if you’re up for an hour and a half with the likes of Chip Kidd or hearing Chrissie Iles and Phillippe Vergene talk about the Whitney Biennial, here’s your chance. Would be a terrific thing to maybe have on in the background, thus allowing you to soak up culture and brilliance during your day (which we’re sure is already filled with plenty of culture and brilliance — we’re just saying “here’s more” is all). Spend some time on the museum’s site while you’re there, too. Talk about a place that knows the power of the internet. Super cool.