WABC-TV Investigative Reporter Sarah Wallace Gets Big Exclusive

The word exclusive may need to be retired from TV newsrooms after WABC/Channel 7’s use last night. The words of anchor Bill Ritter said it best, “New York cops can’t find him, but we did.”

WABC investigative reporter Sarah Wallace found Julio Acevedo, who the NYPD has been on a manhunt for since leaving the scene of a car crash that killed a young Orthodox Jewish couple in Williamsburg. The interview was coordinated through Acevedo’s former cellmate friend.

The story resonated further with the city. The couple was en route to the hospital early Sunday to deliver her baby. The newborn survived for one night after an emergency c-section on the dead mother.

Acevedo told Wallace via cell phone that “My heart goes out to all of those people. I was feeling like I’m just so much of a bad guy.”

Acevedo admitted to speeding because he claims to have been shot a short time earlier.

“That cab driver came out of nowhere. I couldn’t stop.”

Jim Dolan was the reporter to package the story last night. Given the tremendous get for Wallace we won’t come down on Dolan for wrapping up live from Williamsburg with a double negative.

“…Not turning himself into police is not helping his case any.”