Vogue China EIC: Our Only Censorship Issue is Nudity

Interesting interview with Angelica Cheung, the editor of Vogue China since Day One and previously the editor of Elle China and Marie Claire in Hong Kong.


This month marks the Condé Nast international edition’s ninth anniversary. Cheung talked with WWD‘s Amy Chung about her readers’ fondness for “classic” beauty, the mixing of Chinese and international models in the publication’s pages, and working within the country’s content constraints:

“Everything we publish has to be approved. It’s the law here. We have problems when there’s suspicion of nudity. There was one picture, people thought you could see something, but I thought you couldn’t so we retouched it a little bit, but I’m not for nudity.”

“It’s a fashion magazine. We don’t touch on other topics, it’s all fashion, lifestyle, women’s lives. To be honest, people always ask me this question [about censorship]. We don’t have major problems.”

Cheung says the publication’s current combined print and digital readershis is 1.2 million. Read the rest of the Q&A here.

[Pictured: October 2014 cover]

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