Music Journalist Turns to Novel Writing

V.L. Brunskill says Waving Backwards took 30 days to write and three years to edit.

WavingBackwardsBookLaunchOn Friday, V. L. Brunskill – for many years a reporter with Creem, Metronome, the Boston Globe and Boston Phoenix – will host a book launch party in Savannah for her debut novel Waving Backwards.

Just as Brunskill did at one point in real life, the main character – New York college student Lara Bonavito – goes searching in the U.S. South for her family roots. But as the author recently told Savannah Morning News reporter Linda Sickler, the book is ultimately a “love story” for the picturesque Georgia city she now calls home. From the article:

Born on Christmas Eve in Brooklyn, Brunskill was adopted after seven months in foster care. In 1991, she was reunited with her biological parents.

After 16 years in Boston working as a music journalist, Brunskill decided it was time for a change and moved south with her husband and daughter.

“I had my child and decided it was difficult to have her on my back attending concerts,” she says. “I was doing a lot of concerts. I had waited a while to have her and wanted to focus on her.”

Brunskill has worked more recently as a technical writer. Her novel is being published by Florida-based imprint Southern Yellow Pine Publishing.

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