The Village Voice Interviews Dov Charney

The Village Voice nabbed an interview with the elusive Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel, and he doesn’t disappoint with his answers. As you’ve probably read, Charney is currently fighting a sexual abuse lawsuit and his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. But have no fear, says Charney, because he’s just like Michael Jackson, and the real problem is the media:

​I don’t know if my reputation is bad. I mean, you’re free to say that. I don’t know if it’s for sure that one could stamp ‘bad reputation’ on my forehead. There’s a class of people who don’t think Michael Jackson was guilty of some of the things he was accused of. Not everybody believes what they read. The media — there’s a nasty streak in the media.

Uh, right. It’s our fault people are suing you and your business is hemorrhaging money.

And just in case you feel bad for Charney, don’t, because he has plenty of support. “I have academics that call me frequently and write me. I have employees that are extremely loyal to what I do — my mission. I have fans.”

Academics! Also, something tells us that fan club is creepy. But we’re the media, so don’t believe us.