(VIDEO) Stability for Wayne Cabot and Steve Scott as WCBS 880 Afternoon Anchors

Keeping the news flowing, WCBS 880 afternoon anchors Wayne Cabot (r) and Steve Scott

It’s only been a six-year partnership, but WCBS 880 afternoon drive anchors Wayne Cabot and Steve Scott can already be considered a classic radio team. The duo compliment each other perfectly in style and substance.

On the ear, their voices are the right blend to give the listener a smooth transition from story-to-story.

FishbowlNY recently visited the two men at their new Hudson Street studios. WCBS-AM was the final holdout from the New York CBS Radio cluster to head downtown in December.

While on the air, the anchor team took a few moments to speak about what makes its chemistry terrific.

“It’s easy to work with a good partner,” Cabot says. “I have a good partner. It’s easier to work with a good partner because they have your back, because while they’re doing one thing you can focus on something else.”

Cabot knows a thing or two about partners, having gone through his share since being installed as afternoon co-anchor in 1999.

“I once counted all the different partners who came in regular or fill-in and I lost track after some fingers and toes,” Cabot jokes.

Given the history, he says stability is hugely important.

“I think it’s more important for the listener than it is for me,” Cabot says. “You want familiarity, people you can trust, and I think that’s part of the strength of this radio station.”

Cabot, a self-proclaimed WCBS historian, says they are part of the most stable run of anchors since WCBS went All-News in 1967.

For this tandem to connect with each other and the listeners, the two share a common bond, on and off air.

“We’re both radio geeks,” Scott says.

“And both news geeks,” Cabot adds.

“I think we both consider ourselves reporters who can also anchor the news,” Scott says. “I think we have an appreciation for the medium and hopefully an appreciation of communicating and doing more than just reading headlines,” Scott says.

Cabot, a WCBS protege, joined the station in 1988. A native of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, he was listening and visiting the station as a teenager in the 1970s. Scott, on the other hand, brought his skills to New York after 20 years in Chicago.

“Not only did I have to learn a new station, a new format–I had never done all News Radio before–but I had to learn a new city,” Scott admits. “…[Wayne’s] the guy who kind of guided me along and got my feet on the ground.

“When I first moved here my nightmare word was Mamaroneck. I looked at that and I thought of 15 different ways that could be pronounced. So Wayne has always been very gracious with my questions over and over again… Because you only get so many chances before you lose credibility that can’t be recovered.”

“I’m happy to be a know-it-all,” Cabot interjects.