Vice’s Women’s Site Is Already Searching for a New Editor

Rough start.

One year in and Broadly—the women’s site from Vice Media—is already searching for a new editor in chief.

The vacancy was created when Broadly’s first editor in chief, Tracie Egan Morrissey, was put on “extended leave” in June. This was the result of Broadly staffers’ complaints about her management style.

What, exactly, was offensive about Morrissey’s ways? Glad you asked! Politico has this fine example: “She once suggested that her employees should be able to feign enthusiasm for their jobs because they had faked orgasms with their boyfriends.” Outstanding.

Despite the funny jokey times, Morrissey remains a Vice staffer.

Ciel Hunter, Vice’s head of content, is overseeing the search for Broadly’s next editor. Thanks to Morrissey, that shouldn’t be too hard. “Do you realize that joking about staffers’ sex lives is inappropriate? Good. You’re hired.”

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