VF.com’s Michael Hogan Named AOL Executive Features Editor

He's planning to overhaul Moviefone

AOL has hired Vanity Fair's Michael Hogan, formerly executive digital editor of VF.com, as the new executive features editor of AOL Huffington Post Media Group. Hogan will oversee AOL TV, but he says that his main focus will be overhauling Moviefone, and that he plans to hire full-time writers and editors to increase the site's content. “We really want to take it from something that is successful as a ticket-selling site, and try to make it into a robust gathering place for people who follow the movie industry and people who love movies,” said Hogan, who will start his new job June 26.  Hogan is replacing former editor Patricia Chui, who was fired last April after she sent out an email to Moviefone freelancers informing them that their contracts were ending but they could still contribute to the site for free.