Vault Survey Dishes Office Romances: ‘Used to Have an Office Wife Until It Turned Romantic & Went South; Now I Have an Office Ex-Wife’

rosesHappy Valentine’s Day, one and all!

With the spirit of the holiday in mind, we need to talk about office romances.

Per a recent study by Vault, more women than men participate in long-term relationships in the office while more men than women are more likely to have casual encounters with colleagues.

Their 2014 Office Romance Survey revealed 56 percent of participants have participated in some type of workplace relationship. The type of relationship differs by sex.

Data shows that women are more likely to date a supervisor at work and men are more likely to date someone lower on the food chain. Numbers are pretty equal when you look at who is likely to engage in romance at the office: 55 percent of men revealed in the survey they have participated in “some type” of relationship and 56 percent of women said they did the same.

We say “some type” lightly because all relationships aren’t equal. For example, 19 percent of men mentioned “random hookups” with colleagues; 12 percent of women alluded to this. Approximately 20 percent of women have dated their supervisor whereas only nine percent of men have dated their boss.

But that’s not all. It’s time to talk about work spouses! More women than men in the survey alluded to having a work husband; 38 percent of women said they have a work spouse compared to 27 percent of men.

Perhaps the most amusing finding was shared in the survey by this man: “I used to have an office wife until it became a romantic interest that turned south. Now I have an office ex-wife.”

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