Australian Magazine Forced to Cover Up New York Artist’s Nude

A strange footnote for Lisa Yuskavage's "Brood."

A piece of art by New York artist Lisa Yuskavage is making headlines Down Under.

VaultCoverThe ten-year-old oil-on-linen painting, “Brood,” depicts a naked, pregnant woman and connects on the cover of Vault to a profile of Yuskavage inside Issue #15. But about half the run of 7,000 print copies of the Australian quarterly is being distributed with yellow-dot stickers covering the depicted woman’s nipples, after newsstand distributor Gordon and Gotch expressed concerns. From a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Vault editor Neha Kale said it was interesting that the issue revolved around a female painter painting a female figure.

“In art, the female figure is so central to figurative painting but most often seen through the male gaze,” she said. “Why do we accept certain kinds of female nudes and not others?”

Kale previously told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that her magazine pushed back initially against the Gordon and Gotch edict, while the distributor would only hint that if felt marketplace regulations left it no choice. She hopes the decision will spark a broader conversation about Australian culture. Copies being distributed to art galleries and specialty stores have not been modified.