Variety Sings the Praises of Its Own Summit

Do we need perhaps a sweetened media term, something along the lines of “conference of interest?”

Variety is certainly not the only Hollywood trade to occasionally wade into murky ad-ed waters. Still, their coverage of yesterday’s Variety/Sports Video Group Sports Entertainment Summit at the Sofitel Hotel seems a little above the self-serving norm. Starting with the fact that it took two bylined reporters to parrot the info, and that the article length is somewhat excessive by standards.

Under the headline “Panelists Bring Their A Game,” journos Michael Ventre and Jon Weisman tag team to tell readers all about the many fabulous participants. In fairness, there are a couple of worthwhile tidbits, notably this one from NHL COO John Collins:

Piggybacking on social media and the subject of technology, Collins said the iPad experience is almost better now than traditional TV. The irony is that one of the knocks on hockey has always been the difficulty of following the sport on a TV screen, and now the screen is even smaller.