Vanity Fair Mocks Politico

Why do so many political people tell Politico to “fuck off”? As a non-Kool-Aid drinking reader of Politico, I could venture several educated guesses as to why. But why, when Politico itself doesn’t seem to know?

To be fair, the story, in addition to reporting on its own reporters, quotes sources outside the publication on the deeper meaning behind the current climate of “fuck off” exchanges with flacks.

But they do take a POLITICO-centric approach to the story with lines like these: “Reporters at POLITICO and elsewhere have been pulled out of briefing rooms or chased down the street by finger-waving flacks demanding that they show greater respect to their bosses.”

Enter Vanity Fair

In a story entitled “Greatest Politico Story Ever Asks Why Spokespeople Are Always So Mean To Politico,” Juli Weiner pulls all the gems from the story. It’s Facebook and Twitter’s fault, not their shitty reporting and the attitude of their scribes.

Weiner asks and answers the question of the story, “Best Politico story ever? Fuck yes.”