Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Shoot Powered by ‘Pleasant Anxiety’

11 nominees, 11 winners.

Executive West Coast editor Krista Smith dialed into Vanity Fair’s weekly Little Gold Men podcast to chat with digital deputy editor Katey Rich about the latest annual Hollywood Issue.

Along with a collection of astounding clothing for the 11 featured actresses to choose from and an “overwhelmingly positive” vibe, Smith says there was notable immediate connection between Amy Adams and Natalie Portman. The shoot with Annie Leibovitz took place on the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. Smith notes that for VF Hollywood Issue “nerds,” none of the actresses on the second and third fold-out panels this year have previously appeared on the Hollywood Issue cover.


A lot of fun was had on the set. For the sideline video feature “Secret Talent Theatre,” Emma Stone got back on a pogo stick while Adams, who was raised amidst a group of “football-loving men,” proves she can throw a pretty mean spiral. A little-known fact is that one of those men, her brother Eddie, worked as Harvey Levin’s personal assistant during the earliest days of TMZ.