Media Research Center Perks: Anti-Lib T-Shirts

Would you wear one of these Ezra Klein?

The Media Research Center is giving out these little ditties today at the Family Research Council’s annual Value Voters Summit at the Omni hotel. No, it’s not a pack of tissues– it’s a T-shirt with an Uncle Sam graphic that shrieks “Don’t believe the liberal media!”

It was handed to us by a cautious staffer working the MRC booth. “It’s a small, but you can have it,” he said. Thanks, I think.

A list of  MRC products and their prices is on the back of the package. This shirt typically sells for $18.75. Other items sold by the MRC:

  • Notable Quotables: “A bi-weekly compliation of the most outrageous quotes in the liberal media;” twelve issues for $30 (FBDC tip: you can find these on Twitter for free);
  • Flash: “A monthly newsletter full of interesting bits of bias, photos, campaign updates and much more; twelve issues for $25;
  • MRC book How to Identify, Expose and Correct Liberal Media Bias; $22.75 per copy.