VAIN, A Magazine For Women, Launches

When we first learned of new women’s magazine launch, VAIN, we did a Google search to find…another Vain magazine already in existence.

But the new VAIN is focused on all women ages 18 to 38, while the already established Vain is a quarterly arts-focused publication. The new launch, which debuted its Web site a few weeks ago and will be on newsstands this fall, is the brainchild of Rachelle Gauthier an industry vet who, according to her online bio, formerly “managed the editorial, photography and art departments of several leading niche magazines and worked for one of the first successful urban fashion lines Mecca USA.”

Gauthier is certain that there won’t be any problem distinguishing her magazine from any other with a similar name. “VAIN, the women’s magazine all about you, takes pride in versatility of our readers,” she told FishbowlNY via email. “She may be an artist, a sports enthusiast, an educator, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, or even an emerging designer. And despite her desires or struggles, VAIN will fill her with images and words that will keep her striving for more. Vain is a beautifully crafted magazine that focuses on art and the artists of the world-a very niche audience and they do that well. Both of our positions are very unique in the marketplace and we will coexist without confusion or exception in the mass market.”

For her part, Seattle, Wash.-based Vain magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Tia Orian agrees that the differences in tone and audience set the two magazines apart, and she welcomes any new player to the market.

“It seems that the other Vain magazine has a great mission and focal point…There are a few different Vain publications out there, but we all do very different things,” she said. “Originality is extremely difficult to accomplish in this day and age, so we can be good sports about it. We’re not stepping on each others’ toes, as far as marketing goes. In any case, the more publications out there, the better; especially with the closures to large printing companies and newspapers (like the Seattle P.I.). Vain magazine (our Vain) is here to spread the beauty of the written word and uplift anyone who decides to do so.”

The new VAIN is already well on its way to spreading its message, thanks to its Web site where readers can find plenty of content — including interviews with interesting and powerful women like rapper M.I.A. — and video clips posted on various “channels” on the VAIN TV section of the site. The magazine also has a podcast channel to draw readers.

Over the summer, to gear up for the fall newsstand debut in select cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., VAIN will be hosting special spa events for subscribers. The magazine is also putting together a series of events “to encourage individuals to start taking pride not only in their appearance, but also their community,” explained publicist Nicole Newsum. “Partnering with foundations is a way for the VAIN reader to find balance and invest time and money in things/projects outside herself.”

VAIN will be on sale at newsstands, specialty boutiques, college campuses, spas and the like in select markets and is now working to pick up subscriptions through its Web site and at its events, sponsored college tours and workshops.