V is for Imaginary Forces


Late last night, we got in the kind of e-mail that we dream about. Seriously. When we aren’t dreaming about fish made of marshmellows eating our mothers, which is probably some thinly veiled psychological trauma, we’re dreaming about getting press releases from Imaginary Forces, the super cool design firm who has made a lot of your favorite motion graphics sequences (trust us, they really have). We had the pleasure, last year, of interviewing Rafael Macho, a really terrific former employee of theirs who talked about all the cool things they did at the company. Well, it turns out that they’re the ones, of course, responsible for the opening company logo for V for Vendetta. We haven’t seen the film yet, but this would be the kind of thing that would draw us in because IF is so amazing. Here’s a little bit from the whole scoop:

“Vertigo is more grounded in the Edgar Allan Poe genre of the dark and supernatural so that is how we approached our design,” explains Ahmet. “Stylistically, we wanted the logo to be the antithesis of what DC Comics represented, which we achieved by using the ravens and the corrupted crumbling of the DC Comics logo. We went for a hand-drawn look with traditional brush techniques to maintain a more organic feel and to reflect the heritage of the Vertigo brand, a much darker side to DC Comics. Thematically, this is what we had to represent in the logo, but the client was very open to our stylistic approach.