USA Today Turns 25

Top-selling USA Today — “The nation’s newspaper” — is gearing up for its 25th anniversary on September 15.

“When we decided to create a national newspaper we knew it had to be vastly different,” said Al Neuharth, founder of USA TODAY and former chairman and president of Gannett. “USA TODAY was designed to make newspaper readers out of the television generation. The innovation set in place 25 years ago did change the face of the new media and continues to have influence today.”

“25 years later USA TODAY is stronger than ever,” says Craig Moon, publisher and president of USA TODAY. “We are committed to moving forward with the same enthusiasm and talent that have made this newspaper successful over the last two-and- a-half decades. USA TODAY will always remain at the forefront of the industry, providing information to our consumers in any way they would like it.”

Some stats from the release:

    The newspaper has a circulation of 2.3 million with a daily readership of 4.4 million. Its website,, is an award winning news site with 10.9 million visitors a month. The newspaper has more than 500 editorial staff and almost 2,000 total employees. In 2006, USA TODAY advertising pages totaled 4,387. USA TODAY’s International edition reaches more than 2.8 million readers traveling and working abroad and is printed in four countries.

The paper is partnering with American University on a series of free live events to be held Sept. 10 through Sept. 14. In addition, a special exhibition of 25 USA TODAY front pages will be exhibited in the Katzen Arts Center throughout the week.

The events hosted by American University will cover various topics including the First Amendment, reinventing the news business and how USA TODAY changed the media industry. Participants will include Founder Al Neuharth and Editor Ken Paulson. All events are open to the public but space is limited.