USA Today to Cut 90 Staffers

Buyout offers are being made.

USA Today is taking a break from defeating racism and instead focusing on slimming down its workforce. It’s really turning out to be quite a stellar week for the paper.

The Gannett-owned paper is looking to cut at least 90 staffers by offering buyout packages to staffers who are 55 and over and have worked at Gannett for at least 15 years. The package includes a maximum of one and a half years of pay and benefits.

Even if all 90 eligible staffers accept USA Today’s offer, there is no guarantee that the cuts will end there.

“Regardless of the acceptance level of the Early Retirement Opportunity Program, we cannot rule out other actions that we may need to take in the future because of economic and business conditions,” wrote the paper’s publisher, Larry Kramer, in a memo.