USA Today Going Live With Dad Rock Podcasting Event

Next Wednesday at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Before the dad bod hit incredible levels of virality, Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan decided to lend their kid-rearing identifiers to a new USA Today podcast, Dad Rock, which launched at the end of February 2015. “The name, by the way, is a reflection of the hosts, not a comment on the type of music we feature,” Lenahan assures us.

In a first for the duo, the podcast is going live next Wednesday at the Hard Rock Cafe. The live recording will be hosted by Hard Rock International’s music memorabilia historian, Jeff Nolan.

The inspiration for the event came, as these things do, at the intersection of chance and long-held desire. When Hard Rock International pitched Lenahan and Foster an interview with Nolan, the pair decided this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill their desire to get to know their audience in real time. “We loved that idea just from a content standpoint,” Lenahan tells FishbowlDC. “But we also thought, ‘Why not do this at the local Hard Rock Cafe, invite listeners to attend, and make it into something really special?’ Hard Rock jumped on the idea right away.”

The show, which also features a live band, Night Streets, starts at 7 p.m. ET.