Unvogue EIC: ‘Fashion Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Bitchy or Uptight’

Mal Sirrah designer Malcolm Harris, Unvogue editor-in-chief K. Tyson Perez, model Amanda, assistant to the editor-in-chief Julie Bobek, and photographer Peter Maslov

New online bimonthly Unvogue gave fashion bloggers a behind-the-scenes look at its Spring 2008 photo shoot today at Dex New York Studio, Seventh Avenue’s new 6,000-square-foot production space complete with an in-house hair salon, make-up studio, and a spacious wing for photo shoots. Not content to delay our fashion fix until Fall Fashion Week’s official start next Friday, we went to catch a sneak peek of what will be a 10-12 page editorial spread featuring two leggy models, shot by Russian photographer Peter Maslov. Unvogue’s editor-in-chief and stylist K. Tyson Perez, who has worked with celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez, was on hand to style the models who endured three hours of on-site primping and prodding. “This is a chance to give bloggers and our readers insight into what goes on at a photo shoot,” said Perez, watching closely as a model struck poses and the camera snapped wildly.

The idea for Unvogue sprung from Perez’s experience at last September’s Spring 2008 Fashion Week. “I just saw so many people who were so uptight and serious, fighting for front-row seats and so on. I felt like telling them that just because you like fashion doesn’t mean you have to be bitchy or uptight. You can have fun.”

After tightening thick belts, scrunching sleeves, and making sure blouse collars were just-so, Perez told us that the pieces featured in Unvogue’s photo spreads are a mix of high-end designer items and affordable duds from stores like H&M. Readers can view the fruits of today’s shoot in the online magazine’s March issue.

Kathryn Carlson