Untraceable: Techno-Thriller or Soon To Be Unintentionally Funny Cult Film?


In case a big internet backlash develops (sort of like the anti-Snakes on a Plane phenomenon), we want to give you the chance to say you heard it hear first (even though, in truth, we first heard about it from Torrez). Although it’s still only in trailer form, the upcoming Diane Lane movie, Untraceable, is starting to gain hilarious traction as “the worst tech movie ever made.” We watched the trailer and we think the buzz might be right. Yowch. It’s like watching one of those bad tv commercials for emergency buzzers for the elderly, where they’re showing you all the things that could kill you and it reaches its amazing peak of absurdity when a wall outlet just suddenly explodes. Anyway, we see this movie as something like that. You can almost hear it now: “The virus is coming from…your own internet machine! Call AOL tech support! Hurry!”