University of Kentucky to Use $6 Million Gift for International Design Contest

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University of Kentucky, you’ve just been promised a multi-million dollar gift, what are you going to do next? Start our own international design competition! That’s right, prosperous architect of retirement housing Clifford Curry and his wife H. Delight Stone (which we kind of wish were our name) have just bestowed upon Curry’s alma mater a gift of “more than $5.5 million dollars,” which we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up to $6 million in the headline of this post. The gift, which will be presented to the university over ten years, will establish the Curry Stone Design Prize and the Curry Stone Chair in Design at the University of Kentucky.

The Curry Stone Prize, to be presented annually, will award $100,000 to exceptional emerging designers “with extraordinary design projects or ideas that contribute positively to living circumstances for broad sections of global humanity.” The prize will be presented for the first time at the 2008 IdeaFestival, which takes place this September in Louisville, Kentucky. “We want to give designers an opportunity to be recognized as leaders in innovation and provide financial resources to help the ideas get developed and implemented,” said Curry in a statement issued by the university. According to UK College of Design dean Michael Speaks, the prize will recognize outstanding achievements in urban design, architecture, graphic, and product design.