Unemployed Architect Opens Advice Booth to Help Land Clients


When things are tough and the work just isn’t there, sometimes you have to get innovative. Such is the case with Seattle-based architect John Morefield, who has been hired and laid off by two firms recently, decided to take his services to the streets and has set up a booth at a local farmers market reading “Architecture: 5 Cents.” People who wander by can ask the unemployed architect questions about building, renovating, or anything else they can think of, providing the pay the required fee. Here’s a bit:

On Sunday he made 35 cents. But for Morefield, it’s not about the nickels in his tin can. It’s about meeting potential clients and contracts in a time when work is hard to come by.

“One nickel turns into one conversation, turns into one design job, turns into a local contractor who hires a local painter who buys from a local supplier,” he says, summing it all up.

We’re expecting the This American Life story or short-form documentary to be released about him any day.