UnBeige’s Top Five Design-Minded Halloween Costumes

It’s here. That day when you can dress up like anything you want, scare little children, and demand candy from strangers—all with festive impunity. That’s right, it’s late funnyman John Candy‘s birthday! He would have been 58 today. Coincidentally, it’s also Halloween (observe today’s spoooooky Google homepage graphic). You know that Team UnBeige is going as Charles and Ray Eames (although we won’t get very far trick-or-treating, as chairs are a key element of our costumes), but we thought we’d give you, our loyal and perhaps still costumeless readers, a few ideas for quick, easy, and design-minded getups for this All Hallow’s Eve:

5. ASME’s 2008 Magazine Cover of the Year. No one can get enough of Barbara Kruger‘s New York magazine-commissioned take on the Eliot Spitzer scandal. Here’s your chance to keep the momentum going through fall. Grab a suit, a blood red tie, and what we’ve always sworn is a touch of eyeliner before printing out BRAIN in white Future Bold Italic on a red ground, and you’re good to go. Trick or treat, indeed.

4. The Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion. Swathe yourself in shiny yet reptilian white plastic and carry a Chanel handbag. Don’t stay anywhere for very long. Zaha Hadid-designed shoes and Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear optional.

3. The 2008 National Design Awards Gala. Get out the glue gun (filled with biodegradable, eco-friendly adhesive) and cover yourself from head to toe in a rainbow of napkins and/or plates. A crown of colorful cutlery is optional. Tomorrow, serve a post-Halloween brunch (re)using your costume. If those around you are unfamiliar with design and/or sustainable decor master David Stark, tell them you are dressed as Roy G. Biv.

2. A Campana Brothers Chair. Find a child’s bedroom. Make sure the child is not around. Liberate bedroom of any stuffed animals, prioritizing alligators, pandas, and sea creatures. Affix purloined plushes to yourself in a pattern that is simultaneously whimsical and evocative of Brazilian favelas.

1. Steven Heller. Simple, elegant, memorable. You can borrow one of our masks.