UnBeige Premiere: “Copy Goes Here”


So as we mentioned, “we” meaning this writer are not getting to Austin until tomorrow, which means we’re missing a few things at SXSWi, including the opening remarks from Chiblogoans Jim Coudal and Jason Fried. (Hey, they’re from Chicago, and they blog, and we’re way into the word play today, okay?)

They’ll be answering the question “When you are your own client, who are you going to make fun of, after work, at the bar?” (Can someone let us know the answer?) And for their presentation, they’ll be playing a film made by Coudal Partners and starring the “we” of us who plans to spend this week drinking whiskey and coffee.

As the perfect end to your workweek, please enjoy “Copy Goes Here.”

Don’t worry, we’ll be in Austin in time to hang out with these guys.