UnBeige Goes to the Movies: Summer Weekend Preview


As a service to you, dear readers, we see the movies you want to see, filtering them through our somewhat cynical, aesthetically-critical eyes. Disclaimer: Opinions reflect only those of UnBeige editors west of the Mississippi.

Superman Returns
See it for: title design
Hearing that this film used the John Williams original theme music was enough to get us to the theater, but when we found out that the titles were pretty much exactly the same as the ones done by R/Greenberg Associates in 1978, we seriously got chills. Watching the thin blue-outlined type swooshing towards you might be the best part of the movie.

The Devil Wears Prada
See it for: Andy’s work ethic
The costume design by Patricia Field was only ho-hum (you can get a lot more Marc Jacobs for your buck by watching a few episodes of “Sex and the City”) but we loved watching everyone rag on Andy for working until 2am (gasp!) for so little money, or getting calls from her boss after work. Can you imagine the outrage when they make a movie about a struggling graphic designer?

Nacho Libre
See it for: food styling
Yes, just like “Napoleon Dynamite” this movie has a lovely handle on food presentation. It’s those precious details paired with the same luscious cinematography (they’ve done the same thing for Oaxaca as they did for Idaho) that made for a rich fantasy world we were actually sad to leave. Oh, and Jack Black kicks ass.

We recommend: Nacho Libre